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4 simple steps to your art investment

The 4 stepsRequest now
Request now

Step 1

Advice, offer and purchase contract

Step 2

Invoice and payment for your portfolio

Step 3

Storage in Switzerland

Step 4

Confirmation of storage and insurance

You will receive a certificate of authenticity with your portfolio. If the information is not correct or the quality of the artwork is inferior, we guarantee to take it back at the purchase price incl. VAT. Inflation compensation. The certificate proves the high quality and is an essential part of safeguarding your assets.

Based on expert recommendations, research and advice, we acquire works of art primarily from artists and galleries or secondarily from collectors and auctions. Our pricing is based on historical analyses, expert opinions and insurance values, whereby art historical significance, market trading, experienced management, comprehensible price development and complete provenance are decisive.

Art has long been regarded as one of the most traditional and stable forms of material wealth. Wealthy people around the world use art as a safe form of investment to protect their assets, which is characterized by low volatility and a performance that is independent of the capital markets.

Is it safe?

Verivest takes the security and protection of our investors’ capital seriously. We have implemented robust measures to protect investments and ensure a transparent and trustworthy investment process.

Who or what is Verivest?

Verivest is a company that specializes in investing in art photography. We offer investors the opportunity to invest their money in photographic artworks and benefit from an investment that will increase in value over time.

Who selects the artworks for my portfolio?

In collaboration with our global team of art experts, Verivest creates customized art portfolios that are precisely tailored to the individual needs of our potential buyers.

What is the next step?

Request a non-binding consultation here. Based on your individual needs, we identify the right solution together.

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