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Our mission: to make art accessible to everyone.

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Anett Kathrein

Anett Kathrein completed her studies in fashion design at the renowned Sorbonne in Paris. She began her impressive career at high-profile fashion houses such as Balmain and Dior, where she worked in haute couture. After returning to Germany, she discovered her passion for investment. Thanks to her innate understanding of art and her keen sense for investment opportunities, Anett Kathrein has found her calling in art investment and successfully turned her passion into a career.

Ralf Strobl

Ralf Strobl began his professional career with a sound education in a tax consultancy firm. This solid foundation enabled him to enter the world of finance as a freelance accountant, where he gained valuable experience in various tax firms. In the 1990s, he expanded his field of activity and made a name for himself in the real estate industry by successfully brokering over 500 apartments. Through his extensive expertise in the financial sector and his passion for art, he has established himself as a key figure in the field of art investment.

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Art as timeless asset protection: stability & lasting value


The value of your portfolio is transparently and comprehensibly documented and confirmed by independent valuations and auction houses.


Each art object is stored in a state-supervised bonded warehouse and is fully covered by international insurance.

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